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Quote from Barney in Coming Back

Marshall: [on the phone] Barney, before you get too upset, there's another flight that leaves in five minutes.
Barney: You're getting on it.
Marshall: I'm gonna try.
Barney: There is no try! You're getting on that plane.
Daphne: Hey, growth spurt. If there is only one seat left on this plane, I will fight you for it. And I'm a biter.
Barney: Marshall, whoever that is, grab her carry-on and throw it into a restricted area. I'm serious. Do it. Do it now.
Marshall: What? No. Barney, are you...? No, I'm not gonna... That's... No.
Barney: There is no, what, no, Barney, are you, no I'm not gonna, that's no! This is a holiday weekend. You're not gonna get to New York by being nice. So you're gonna have to lose the whole Midwestern aw-shucksy-doodles thing...
Marshall: Shucksy doodles?
Barney: ...and act like a New Yorker. A pushy, obnoxious, knock-the-other-guy-down-and-take-his-hot-dog resident of the greatest city on earth!
Marshall: No can do, Barney. I'm from Minnesota, where there's plenty of hot dogs for everyone. Perhaps even too many. But listen, I'm gonna get to New York without being a jerk.

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