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Quote from Barney in The Time Travelers

Ted: I got a big lecture tomorrow. Think I'm gonna take it easy tonight.
Barney: Ted, trust me, 20 years from now, you'll be glad you saw Robots vs. Wrestlers: Legends.
Ted: I can't imagine a world where that's possible.
Barney: I'm serious. 20 years from now, when my 26-year-old third wife asks me about this...
Ted: You make a lot of those jokes.
Barney: I'm gonna say, "Yeah, it was awesome, but you know the funny thing? Ted almost didn't go But thank God he did, because it was a great night". And then she and I will adjourn to the Jacuzzi, where my fourth wife will be waiting for us, already warming herself up on the jets. Oh, Robin's here... I'll tell you the rest later.
Ted: Please do, that story could go anywhere.

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