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Quote from Barney in The Fortress

Barney: [as a floating head, like Jor-El] My son for many years this apartment has been my Fortress of Barnitude. But now the time has come for me to pass it on. Soon, this place will become your "Fortress of Soli-Ted".
Ted: Barney, I wouldn't live here even if you scrubbed every inch of this place with Purell, amoxicillin and holy water.
Barney: Fine. But I think we can both agree, it would be totally awesome to see my deal floating around all huge-like on the big Jor-El cam. Hold on. Now, it's a little cold here in the Fortress, so don't judge the si...
[Ted places a chair up against the door handle of the closet Barney is filming in]
Barney: Ted, wait. What did you... That's... okay, that's not funny. Ted, open the... Uh, walls closing in. I can't... Can't breathe. Must... show deal on Jor-El cam... I can't... [passes out]

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