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Quote from Marshall in Weekend at Barney's

Lily: As the captain's new art buyer, I have to go schmooze this up-and-coming artist, Strickland Stevens, so we get first dibs on all his new stuff.
Marshall: And I'll be helping Lily seal the deal by impressing the intelligentsia with some art-related hilarity. I've prepared some jokes. "Why couldn't the art dealer pay his rent?"
Robin: I don't know. Why?
Barney: This is gonna be rough.
Marshall: Because he ran out of Monet. You're gonna get that on the walk home. How about this one?
Robin: You know what, we'd... We'd love to hear it, but we've got that... that...
Barney: Steely Dan, Carnegie Hall, backstage pass. Let's go. We don't want to miss whatever their big song was.

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