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Quote from Barney in The Autumn of Break-Ups

Barney: Guys, Brover is not only the best bro I've ever had, he's amazing with the ladies.
Nick: I'm sorry, don't you think it's a little pathetic to use a dog to pick up chicks?
Barney: Sir, wingmanship is a two-way street. [v.o.] If Brover meets a cutie, I'll take the hit and chat up the chubby lady friend. Sometimes I'll be the jerk, so Brover can swoop in and be the hero. And like any good wingman, I gather as much intel as I can right up front.
[flashback to Barney and Brover approaching a woman and her dog on the street:]
Barney: How old's your dog?
Woman: She's five.
Barney: Oh. What's that in dog years?
Woman: Like, 35.
Barney: We're done here.

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