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Quote from Barney in Who Wants To Be A Godparent

Marshall: Ooh. Our demise. [Lily wails] Barney, how would you explain to little Marvin why we're not around anymore?
Lily: No.
Barney: Easy, all I'd have to do is change a few words to one of my classics with the ladies.
[fantasy scene with Barney sitting down with a suited-up, six-year-old Marvin:]
Barney: The President of the World has called your parents away on a super-secret space mission. For the sake of the planet, you will never see them again. Now pick up your toys and say good night to Daddy.
Barney: What do you know? That last line stays the same.
Marshall: Judges?
Lily: [blows raspberry and gives a thumbs down]

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