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Quote from Barney in Nannies

Barney: Look, I'd offer you guys coffee but I have another nanny interview in about 15 minutes, so-
Marshall: Barney, quick question. Why are you interviewing nannies?
Barney: Glad you asked. You guys were all pressuring me to think of a revolutionary new way to get chicks for Bangtoberfest. And frankly, I was stumped, until...
Lily: So far, everyone we can afford on this Web site, is Scary Poppins.
Barney: [v.o.] And there it was. The Big Bro in the sky had answered my prayers. Almighty five. Ow.
Barney: I'd introduce you to little baby Edgar, but one, he's napping, and two, he doesn't exist.

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