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Quote from Marshall in Now We're Even

Marshall: All pregnant ladies have crazy sex dreams. It's just her hormones going berserk.
Barney: So who's responsible for her rapid thigh movement this time?
Ted: Oh, my favorite was when she banged George Washington.
Barney: I liked the three-way with Bill Cosby and Papa Smurf.
Ted: Oh, he smurfed the smurf out of her.
Marshall: Yes, while The Cos smurfed off in the corner. We all remember. But here's the thing. When Lily has dirty dreams about other people, she always tells me. But this time...
Marshall: Sounds like you had a crazy dream. What was it about?
Marshall: [v.o.] And then her face turned... vermilion.
Lily: Just... you and me... gettin' it on, monogamously. Monoga-me-oh-my.

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