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Quote from Barney in Karma

Barney: You remembered all that?
Quinn: Well, yeah. I mean, you're more interesting than the lyrics to "Pour Some Sugar On Me" for the 8,000th time.
Barney: You know, it's funny. Almost every woman I've ever met was wrong to give me a chance. You're the first woman who's wrong not to.
Quinn: [to the barista] Large black coffee... and whatever he's having. It's on me.
Barney: The same. Thank you.
Quinn: You're welcome.
Barney: 1,700 more of these and we're even. Uh, the song just ended. That mean you got to get going?
Quinn: No. Do you have time to sit with me?
Barney: I don't know. You're wearing my watch.

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