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Quote from Robin in No Pressure

Robin: Wow, Ted, I... wow, okay. You got to give me a minute here.
Ted: Yeah, of course.
Robin: Okay, um, we need to talk about this. This time yesterday, I was in Vermont engaged to another man. I mean, it's been 24 hours of emotional mayhem, and, and the day is still not over. I mean, I swear to God, if there's any more surprises, I'm gonna hit someone!
[Patrice knocks and enters the apartment]
Patrice: [speaks Russian] ... comrade. That means, "Hello, coworker." You ready for our trip to Mother Russia?
Future Ted: [v.o.] Oh, yeah, Aunt Robin was thrilled World Wide News asked her to go to Moscow to cover Maslenitsa. She was less thrilled to discover Maslenitsa is the city's annual butter festival. Even worse, she'd spend an entire week with all those buttery Russians and her archenemy, Patrice.

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