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Quote from Ted in The Drunk Train

Barney: You're so much better without him. If you ask me, Vinnie's a real jerk.
Woman: Hey, don't you dare badmouth Vinnie! [rips Barney's suit]
Barney: Ow!
Woman: So what do you do?
Ted: Well, I teach architecture, and I also...
Woman: Oh, big man with a job. [throws drink in Ted's face] You think you're better than me?
Woman: So... where do you live?
Ted: I'm on the Upper West Side.
Woman: Oh, big man. Living in Manhattan. [throws drink in Ted's face] What, you think you're better than me?
Man: Ehhh! [a woman kisses him]
Ted: Ehhhh!
Woman: You think you're better than me?! [throws drink in Ted's face]

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