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Quote from Robin in Symphony of Illumination

Future Robin: [v.o.] Kids, have I ever told you the story of how I met your father? Well, I'll just skip ahead to the moment I told him I was pregnant.
[flashback to Barney and Robin in the bathroom at Marshall and Lily's Long Island house:]
Barney: W... What happened? Did I pass out? Not exactly.
[a few seconds earlier:]
Robin: I'm pregnant.
Barney: Are you sure you're not just getting fat?
[Robin punches Barney; later:]
Barney: Oh, yeah. So, um, you're pregnant.
Robin: Yeah.
Barney: Huh. Looks like nobody told your boobs.
[Robin punches Barney again; later:]
Barney: What happened? Did I pass out?
Robin: Oh, my...
Barney: Please stop hitting me!

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