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Quote from Barney in Disaster Averted

Kevin: Perhaps I can help. Marshall, ask yourself this question: why today? He hasn't said anything about that tie for weeks, and yet, suddenly today, he can't wear it another second? No, there's a reason. You've got something coming up. Something where you're on display, vulnerable... exposed. It's not work-related. No, this is relationship stuff. You're trying to impress someone. In the lie you told, you said you were being chased by two goons. So it's two people. A couple, perhaps. You're meeting Nora's parents tomorrow!
Barney: Wrong! Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong! It's in two days, and I really want them to like me!
Ted: Oh-ho! Therapisted! Shrinked? Shrunk? We'll figure it out.

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