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Quote from Marshall in Garbage Island

Lily: Sex now, we'll do the foreplay after.
Marshall: Oh, no, baby, come on. Today didn't go so well.
[flashback to Marshall at work:]
Marshall: The green initiative, for only $12 million, will change the way...
Arthur: Okay, I've heard enough. Don't we already have a green initiative? I mean, didn't we do a whole thing? Hang a banner, make a video, Sting was there. I thought I met Sting.
Man: You did meet Sting.
Arthur: Yeah, I met Sting. So why on Earth would we spend another $12 million?
Marshall: Well, because we can always do more.
Arthur: Yeah, but I met Sting.
Marshall: Well, meeting Sting isn't gonna fix anything, Arthur!

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