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Quote from Future Ted in Last Cigarette Ever

Ted: Hey, guys, look, the sun's coming up.
Robin: You know what right now is a perfect time for? A last cigarette ever. No, I mean, a real last cigarette ever.
Barney: Damn it, let's do it.
Ted: Okay.
Marshall: All right. Last cigarette ever on the count of three.
Ted: One...
Lily: [raspy voice] ...two...
Robin: ...three.
Future Ted: [v.o.] We all quit for a while after that, but it wasn't anyone's last cigarette. We did eventually all quit smoking for real. Robin's last cigarette was in June, 2013. Barney's last cigarette was in March, 2017. Lily's last cigarette was the day she started trying to get pregnant. And Marshall's last cigarette was the day his son was born. And my last cigarette? Two weeks into dating your mother. And I never looked back.

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