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Quote from Barney in Right Place Right Time

Barney: It's the grand total. That's the only number that matters.
Ted: Says who?
Barney: Matthew Panning, the stud of Port Richmond Middle School.
[flashback to Barney in Middle School:]
Matthew Panning: Stinson, you're such a dweeb-o. I bet you've never even done it with a girl.
Young Barney: Neither have you.
Matthew Panning: How many times do I have to explain this? I've done it with 100 girls. They're seventh graders at my cousin's school on Long Island.
Young Barney: Well, you know what, Matthew? Someday, I'm gonna do it with 200.
Matthew Panning: Yeah. Call me when that happens.
Barney: And call him I will.
Ted: I think he's gonna say it again really slow.
Barney: [slowly] Call him I will.

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