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Quote from Lily in Sorry, Bro

Lily: Ted, Marshall forgot to bring his pants to work today and you're still the stupidest person at this table.
Ted: Okay, Lily, let's be honest. We both know your real motivation here, you hate Karen, because, she lingered.
Lily: You son of a bitch!
Robin: What do you mean, she lingered?
Lily: February 5, 1998. I was painting.
[flashback to Lily painting a picture of a nude Marshall:]
Karen: [enters] Sorry, I... [slowly backs out] Sorry... I... [returns] You know, that color palette is a bit derivative of early Van Gogh, don't you think?
Lily: Cheat on Ted, criticize my painting, whatever that's your business. But I catch you, peeping on my man's junk, and you linger! You gots to get got!

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