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Quote from Ted in The Naked Man

Future Ted: [v.o.] But one of the craziest things I ever walked in on happened when I was roommates
with your Aunt Robin.
Mitch: [completely naked on the couch] Hey.
Ted: Hey. Who are you?!
Mitch: Mitch.
Ted: What you doing, Mitch?
Mitch: You must be the roommate. I'm on a date with Robin. She had to step outside to take a call. I guess her cell phone doesn't work in here.
Ted: Oh. Oh. Oh. Robin... didn't use the super secret signal. We put this old takeout menu on the doorknob. Place went out of business. Mr. Wang's... Guess I don't have to explain why that's funny. I'm going to go. Um, when you leave, take the seat cushion with you. That's trash now.

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