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Quote from Barney in Woooo!

Barney: So anyway, I say to Bilson...
[flashback to Barney at work:]
Barney: Bilson, with all due respect...
Barney: No, I stand up, and I say to Bilson...
Barney: Bilson, with all due respect... [stands up]
Barney: Music. Imagine patriotic music playing.
Barney: [music plays] Bilson, with all due respect, it would be terrible if a job that could go to a hard-working American architecture firm, went to a bunch of French guys. Where is our patriotism? Our sense of country? Our love of all that is...
Bilson: Look, Stinson, no one hates every other country in the world as much as I do, but you better have a point.
Barney: I do. I know a fantastic American architect who would be perfect for the job. Ted Mosby.

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