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Quote from Robin in Woooo!

Lily: Don't be jealous. You and I hang out all the time.
Robin: Yeah, but Marshall's always there. We don't get a lot of quality time to talk, just the two of us.
Lily: That's not true.
[flashback to Lily and Robin on the couch in the apartment:]
Robin: So that's when the story gets really good. So, we go to the... [Marshall sits down next to Robin] place. And then that... guy asks about that thing with the stuff that I told you about at that place that time. Long story short... events transpired.
Marshall: Oh, my God. You and the guy from the mayor's office did it in the UN building under the desk of the
ambassador from Zaire? Nice.
Robin: I just wish we could have some girl time. I love Marshall, but he's always talk-blocking me.

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