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Quote from Robin in Intervention

Marshall: And you're also responsible for any damage Robin did when she was your girlfriend.
Robin: Whoa. What damage did I cause?
Marshall: Do you remember that night when you drank the 12'er of Molson and you got all super Canadian?
[Marshall removes a picture frame from the wall, revealing a hole in the plasterboard]
[flashback to Robin, wearing full hockey attire, playing in the apartment:]
Robin: Stanley cup, game six A. The Rangers are about [aboot] to be sorry [surry] they ever played shinny
with the Canucks.
Marshall: Hey, hey, Robin.
Robin: Yeah?
Marshall: I'll give you 20 bucks if you can shoot it through this front door.
Robin: You're nuttier than a Tim Horton's maple log. Timmy ho!
[Lily catches the puck]

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