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Quote from Marshall in The Best Burger in New York

Ted: There was that one time we thought we had a break in the case, remember?
Barney: Get this. You know who works out at my gym? Regis Philbin.
Marshall: The autographed picture.
[at the gym:]
Regis Philbin: [lifting weights] Of course I remember the place. It was the best burger I ever had. I still have dreams about this burger. Beautiful, haunting dreams! I wake up at night screaming, "Get out of my head, burger! Get out!"
Marshall: That's the one, Mr. Philbin. Do you remember where it is?
Regis Philbin: [hits a punching bag] No! I never wrote it down. But not a day goes by that I don't regret it. Why? Why? Do you know where it is?
Marshall: No.
Regis Philbin: And if you tell me it's at the Corner Bistro, I'm gonna smack you right in the face!
Barney: No. No, we don't know where it is.
Regis Philbin: Listen, Blondie! Don't mess with me! Daddy needs his meat.
Barney: I don't know where it is, Regis, I swear!
Regis Philbin: [to Marshall] What about you, Lurch? [to Ted] And what about you, satchel-mouth? [to Barney] This is my cell. You find that burger; you call me day or night.
Barney: OK, Regis, we will, we will.
Regis Philbin: So, what are you waiting for? Get out and find the burger!

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