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Quote from Barney in No Tomorrow

Future Ted: [v.o.] Kids, I never would've met your mother without a little luck. Specifically the luck of the Irish. Saint Patrick's Day The one day of the year when every young person in New York goes out and gets crazy. Really crazy. Okay, maybe not that crazy. But by 2008, we'd all had enough. Well, most of us.
Barney: [enters, Irish accent:] Who wants to kiss The Barney Stone?
Lily: Look, it's the Riddler.
Marshall: That's not the Riddler. That's Gumby. Hey, Gumby, can we tie you in a knot later?
Ted: Hey, NBA player sidelined by a knee injury?
Barney: All right, laugh all you want, but this is my lucky St. Patty's Day suit. I have dry-cleaned many a stain off of this baby. You know why it's lucky? 'Cause it's green, the color of go, as in let's.

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