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Quote from Barney in Third Wheel

Marshall: Why would you do that to yourself?
Barney: Because you get up in your head, man. Start thinking, I can't do this. It's two women. That's two of everything, four of some things. The logistics alone are enough to cripple even a pro like me.
Ted: See? If a complete degenerate like Barney choked, what chance do I have?
Barney: The best chance in the world. Fear took the belt from me. Fear rode the tricycle that night, my friends. But fear will not get a second turn.
Ted: It won't?
Barney: No, because I now realize it isn't my destiny to win the belt. It is my destiny to help my friend win it. Ted is fated to go there first. He is our Neil Armstrong. [laughs] Space-suit-up, Ted, 'cause you're going to the moon.

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