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Quote from Barney in Third Wheel

Barney: Put him on speaker. So what you're saying to us right now is you have a shot at the belt?
Marshall: Wait wait wait, what belt?
Ted: [on phone] Barney and I have this running joke that the first guy to actually pull this off would win the championship belt.
Marshall: Oh, so it's a metaphorical belt, right?
[flashback to Barney removing a ceremonial belt from a box:]
Barney: Behold.
Ted: You actually bought a belt.
Barney: That's right, it's resplendent.
Ted: It's just a thing we said, we were kidding around.
Barney: I never kid. Remember you said if I ever slept with that girl from Days of our Lives, I'd be the king? Well...
[Barney pulls a crown out of the box and places it on his head]

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