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Quote from Barney in Moving Day

Barney: You haven't moved in yet, have you? Good. You guys have to take this quiz. I found it in a magazine. It's called the "Are You Ready to Move in Together?" quiz.
Robin: Well, if it's anything like you're "Are You Wearing Panties" quiz, I'm out.
Barney: Question one, Ted, "Do you want to move in with Robin?"
Ted: Mm. Yes.
Barney: Oh, you got the first one wrong. The answer is "No," you secretly want to be single and hang out with your awesome friend Barney." Question two. Robin, "Do you think you can score a hotter guy than Ted?" Correct. The answer was awkward silence. Question three, "Did I just make up this quiz to prove a point?" Yes. Yes, I did.
Robin: Really? You mean it's not from Old Yellow Legal Pad Magazine?

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