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Quote from Lily in Monday Night Football

[flashback to 2004:]
Ted: God, this is such a great tradition, all of us watching the game together. How did this start?
Marshall: Hey, Barney, I bet you 20 bucks that Casey misses this field goal.
Barney: I don't bet. Betting's for suckers.
Marshall: Make it like a dollar or something, you know. Who cares? No big deal.
Barney: Fine.
Marshall: See, there you go, he made it. You win.
Barney: Wait. This is mine, just like that? God, that feels good. No, that feels really... good. What else can we bet on?
Marshall: Nothing, it's the halftime show.
Lily: Oh, so lame. Nobody even pays attention. I mean, Janet Jackson, who cares?

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