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Quote from Barney in Life Among the Gorillas

Marshall: I'm sorry, dude, this corporate thing, it's just... It's not for me.
Barney: Oh, of course it's not for you. It's for Lily.
Marshall: What?
Barney: Marshall. Lily's a catch. But do you really think you're going to hang onto a girl that great without the package?
Marshall: The package?
Barney: The package. The house. The car. Sending your kids to a great school. A vacation once in a while.
Marshall: Lily doesn't care about that stuff.
Barney: Well, no-- now she doesn't, but how's she going to feel in a couple years, when she's supporting you on a kindergarten teacher's salary while you're off in court defending some endangered South American flying beaver.
[Marshall chuckles]
Barney: I know.

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