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Quote from Lily in Game Night

Lily: Marshall's mom sent us cookies...
Marshall: Lily, no!
Lily: For the team, Marshall, for the team.
Lily: [on the phone] Hey, Mrs. Eriksen, it's Lily. Thank you so much for the delicious cookies. Mayonnaise. Really? Never would have guessed. Well, I will definitely give Marshall a kiss for you. Okay. Take care. [puts phone down]
Marshall: Oh, crap. My mom sent cookies?
Lily: Yeah. I wish we had a dog, so they wouldn't go to waste.
Marshall: So we've got the whole place to ourselves.
Lily: I'm thinking floor sex.
Marshall: Sounds reasonable.
Lily: Ooh, floor's cold. Grab that afghan your mom made.
[screen splits to show Judy still on the phone line; flashback ends]
Robin: The whole time?
Lily: The... whole... time.

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