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Quote from Marshall in Sweet Taste of Liberty

Robin: [answers phone] Lily's phone.
Marshall: Robin! Uh, where's Lily
Robin: She's uh...
Marshall: Is she talking to some hot guy? Oh, you can tell me. It's totally cool. It was my idea! Hell, I told her she could take the ring off.
Robin: Really? Well I thought it was kinda weird, but if you're cool with it. Yeah. It's off and she's talking to some guy. Do you want me to go over and...
Marshall: No, don't interrupt. It's awesome. So the rings really off, huh? .... Awesome. Well, just tell her I called and tell her that she's awesome. [hangs up, sings dryly] Really, really awesome. Our relationship is built on mutual trust. [dryly] I can't breathe!

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