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Quote from Marshall in Showdown

Future Ted: [v.o.] Meanwhile, I was testing out my best man toast on Marshall.
Ted: Here goes. "Hello, everyone, I'm Ted Mosby, Marshall's best man." Strong opening, right?
Marshall: That's fantastic.
Ted: "When Marshall graduates this spring, he'll be a lawyer. But did you know that Marshall has a criminal record? That's right, on a road trip up to Cape Cod, Marshall was pulled over for driving by himself in a car pool lane."
[flashback to Marshall driving, seemingly alone, as a police car behind him sounds its sirens]
Marshall: Oh, crap.
Lily: [raising from the seat next to Marshall] Oh, crap.
Marshall: Are you crazy? You cannot tell that story at my wedding. My entire family's gonna be there. My little cousins, my mom, my grandma, my grandpa the minister.
Ted: That grandpa died three years ago.
Marshall: His favorite grandson is getting married, Ted. I think he can take a day off from haunting the barn to make an appearance.

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