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Quote from The Mother in Vesuvius

[the year 2024:]
Ted: And that's the story. Right down to the surprise ending.
The Mother: Is it really such a surprise? I mean, come on. Of course she showed up. What mother is gonna miss her daughter's wedding? [Ted gets emotional] Oh, hey. No, come on.
Ted: [sobbing] It's okay, I'm fine. I'm okay.
The Mother: Did Barney really wear a scuba suit into the bar?
Ted: I've told you that story a million times.
The Mother: Yeah, but where did Barney get the scuba suit?
Ted: He stole it.
The Mother: What?
Ted: Yeah. I can't believe I forgot that. He walked right into this sporting goods store, tried on a scuba suit, walked right out the door. He walked all the way home in it, like 20 blocks. [both laugh[ Guy in a scuba suit,
just walking down Broadway.
The Mother: He should be in prison.
Ted: Well, yeah, for lots of reasons.

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