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Quote from Ted in Rally

Ted: Whoa, sorry. Sorry.
The Mother: Oh, my God. You know there is gonna be champagne at this party?
Ted: I know, I know, but we're gonna get there and it'll be everyone congratulating you on your book, saying: "This is a revelation. You're gonna end poverty in our time. This is the greatest book anyone's ever written in any genre."
The Mother: You're the only one that says that, sweetie.
Ted: Well, it's true. So before I lose you to your adoring public, I just want to take a moment, you and I, to celebrate the best year of our lives. Happy New Year.
The Mother: Happy New Year.
Ted: Mm. We go big tonight.
The Mother: Easy there, buddy. We're old people, remember? We haven't even gone medium-sized in forever. And I cannot carry you home in this dress.
Ted: Sweetie, relax. I got this.
The Mother: Yeah, right. I can see your whole future. You are gonna be so hungover tomorrow.
Ted: I'm gonna be fine. I made a vow, remember?

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