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Quote from The Mother in Bass Player Wanted

Marshall: Thanks again for saving us.
The Mother: Well, I don't normally stop like that, but I just had to for the cutest hitchhiker in the world.
Marshall: Thank you. Oh, you're talking about Marvin. Sorry, it's been a really, really long day. When we get there, I'll buy you a drink.
The Mother: Thank you. But after I drop you off, I'm heading back to the city.
Marshall: What? I thought you said your band's playing the wedding. Why you leaving?
The Mother: The lead singer. He's the devil. He's a total fire-starter. Just ruins people's lives for his own amusement. You know, he will walk up to two friends, he will find the one thing that will destroy their friendship and just, poof, burn it to the ground.
Marshall: Wow, what's his name?
Darren: What's popping, mi amigos?
The Mother: [v.o.] Darren.

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