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Quote from Robin in The Rehearsal Dinner

Marshall: Where is this wedding gonna be, anyway?
Robin: You know, I thought it might be nice to get married in Canada. I mean, it's where I'm from, and... [all laugh] Okay. Let's have it. Get it over with, Get it all out of your system.
Barney: I'm the groom. I'm the groom, I might as well start. Canada? What, are we gonna walk down the aisle to Crash Test Dummies? Play's to Marshall.
Marshall: Canada? What are you gonna do, hire a regular dog sled or a stretch?
Ted: Canada? Are you registered at Tim Hortons?
Lily: Canada. Oh, does the organist play wearing mittens?
Marshall: Canada? How are you gonna slip the ring on the bride's finger If she's wearing mittens?
Robin: Two mitten jokes in a row? So... You're pretty much done, then?
Future Ted: [v.o.] Kids, we weren't even close.

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