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Quote from Barney in No Questions Asked

Barney: [answers phone] Hey.
Marshall: I need you to get to Lily's phone without her seeing and delete the last text she got.
Barney: Why? What did you...?
Marshall: And I need you to do it, no questions asked. As you'll recall, you owe me a "no questions asked."
Marshall: [answers phone] Hello.
Barney: Marshall, I need you to rush to the Macy's in Herald Square. Find the utility closet on the third floor and bring me the following things: A clean pair of underwear, a clean pair of pants, a box of moist towelettes, hand sanitizer, and a garbage bag. No questions asked.
Marshall: You deuced your pants.
Barney: Never mind.
Barney: Ha! You didn't wind up helping me, so it doesn't count. Face.
Marshall: Yes, I'm the one who should be embarrassed by that story.

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