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Quote from Robin in The Bro Mitzvah

Robin: Give him the worst night of his life.
[title: "The Barney"]
Robin: We'll give him the worst hotel room with the worst entertainment, the wrong Karate Kid, and the absolute last stripper he would want to see.
Quinn: Hold on. You want me to pretend my life's gone to crap and I'm back to stripping just screw with my ex-fiance? I love it!
Robin: That party will be so terrible, he'll have to leave it. Then I'll instruct his arch-nemesis to say, "I mean, what kind of loser has his bachelor party ten yards from A.C. and doesn't even gamble?" Barney will take the envelope of cash I gave him and head straight into our trap. Meanwhile, I'll make sure he's abandoned me in my nightmare scenario.
Ted: Wait, hold on. Is there any chance this is all too mean to Barney? [all laugh] Just kidding.
Robin: Okay, we just need the finale.
Marshall: Oh! The Chinese mobsters chop off my hand right in front of Barney! Yes, we're all equally enthused! [nobody high-fives Marshall]
Robin: Okay, here's the plan. After I storm off...

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