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Quote from Barney in The Bro Mitzvah

Barney: But this is a strong start. The students have become the intermediate students. I just have to make one call. [on the phone] Hello. Robin, great news! I've been kidnapped for a surprise bachelor party so I won't be there at all!
Robin: What? Barney, I can't do dinner with your mom alone.
Barney: Okay, I'll call her, make up an excuse and cancel. And don't worry, I'll take all the blame. Hold on.
Loretta: [answers phone] Hi, Wuv-Wuv.
Barney: Hi, Momsies. I forgot, I'm mentoring an underprivileged child tonight, and Robin can't stand the idea of dinner with you by herself, so we're not gonna be able to...
Robin: [taking Loretta's phone] Don't bother. She's already here.
Barney: Hold on. [switches call] Robin? Too late. She's already there.
Robin: Barney, don't...
Loretta: Robin can't stand the idea of dinner with me?
Barney: Great! We're all set then.
Robin: Don't you leave me alone with her.
Barney: That problem is solved.

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