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Quote from Ted in The Time Travelers

Ted: Okay, 20-Years-From-Now-Me, level with me. You. Us. Is Robots vs. Wrestlers worth it?
20-Years-From-Now-Ted: It was the single greatest night of my life.
Ted: Even greater than your wedding?
20-Years-From-Now-Ted: Well, I mean, when I get married, that'll be the greatest night of my life. But who knows when that's going to happen?
Ted: Oh, my God, you still haven't...
20-Years-From-Now-Ted: Man, I hope I meet her soon.
Ted: Oh, God, what is wrong with me?
20-Years-From-Now-Ted: [laughing] I'm sorry! I'm just messing with you! Now, come on, are we going or what?
Ted: Fine, let's go.
20-Years-From-Now-Barney: Yeah!
20-Hours-From-Now-Ted: Not so fast. Barney, Ted, 20-Years-From-Now-Barney, 20-Years-From-Now-Ted.
Barney: Who are you?
20-hours-from-now-Ted: I'm 20-Hours-From-Now-Ted. And you bastards aren't going anywhere.

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