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Quote from Robin in The Fortress

Robin: Congrats. You guys are getting a fantastic apartment. I mean, I know some of the features are a little weird.
Woman: A little?
Man: We're gonna rip this thing down to the studs.
Robin: I get it. But, I mean, some things might be worth saving.
Woman: I don't see any.
Robin: You don't see any? Sure some of the stuff in here is creepy, but it's also brilliant. I mean, a lot of geniuses were kind of pervy. Look at Thomas Edison. Why do you think that lightbulbs are boob-shaped?
Man: Yeah, we're taking a wrecking ball to this place and turning it into something actually fit for humans.
Robin: [laughs] Excuse me. [goes to the cupboard and uses the Jor-El head] Get out! The Fortress of Barnitude is no longer for sale. Also your husband has been staring at my ass all afternoon so don't act all high-and-mighty.

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