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Quote from Marshall in Twelve Horny Women

Judge #1: Mr. Eriksen, please. You're here to discuss your conduct in court during the week of November 19, 2012.
Marshall: Of course, Your Honor. [v.o.] It all started when a so-called friend from law school conned me into believing that he needed my help getting a job, when in reality, he stole my firm's strategy for our upcoming trial against Gruber Pharmaceuticals, who'd been polluting a lake upstate. Turns out, he was representing Gruber.
Honeywell: Win this case or you're fired, Eriksen.
Marshall: [to Brad] How could you trick me like that? This is the biggest trial in my career.
Brad: Mine too, brobeans. When I win this trial, I'm gonna buy a new car. Thinking Lambo.
Marshall: Awesome. [high-fives Brad] I mean, no! What happened to you? You used to be, like, the nicest guy ever. We were bros. More than bros. We ate brunch together.
Brad: And I'll always cherish that. But after Kara broke my heart again for the millionth time, I said screw being nice, suited up and started lying to get what I want.
Marshall: That does happen. But you used to want to fight for the little guy.
Brad: Little guys pay with little checks. But you already know that. You're in environmental law. Marshall, you have a kid. How are you gonna provide for the little dude's futche?
Marshall: I'm worried about Planet Earth's futche! That's why I'm gonna kick your ass in this trial. Sure, you may have swiped our entire strategy for this case, but I still got some tricks up my sleeve that you know absolutely nothing about.
Brad: Really?
Marshall: No.

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