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Quote from Marshall in No Pressure

Marshall: Don't watch that tape!
Lily: Watch that tape! Well, sorry, I just really want to win the bet.
Barney: And here we go.
Marshall: Okay. Okay, fine, Barney. Watch our dirty little home movie, but be forewarned, at about the one minute mark, you're going to see me make this face.
Ted: Oh, God, that's the face you made the day we rode motorcycles.
Marshall: Yeah. Yeah. You really want to see that? And do you want to hear me go, uh... [nasal grunting]
Barney: It can't sound like that. It can't.
Ted: I know that noise, I've heard it through the walls. I thought the neighbors had a sick cat.
Lily: Okay, but, Barney, just remember, you'll also be seeing a lot of this: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. It's this, but I'm not pregnant.
Marshall: My skin is loose, like an elephant.
Lily: My boobs are perky and plump.
Marshall: I slobber like a confused old dog.
Lily: I slap my own ass.
Marshall: I slap my own ass!
[Barney destroys the VCR]
Ted: Barney, that was my VCR.
Barney: Ted, it was a VCR.

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