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Quote from Lily in Tailgate

Marshall: Hey. I'm sorry, baby. I just... I want our kid to believe that the universe is magical. You know, like my dad taught me.
Lily: You know what my dad taught me? Nothing... 'cause he was never there. June 22nd, 1996, Brooklyn, New York. A man misses his daughter's high school graduation. Later, she discovers her babysitting money has been spent on a board game called Who Stole The Babysitting Money? He never saw the irony in that. December 31st, 2011. A woman calls her father to tell him she's pregnant. says, 'Great. Thanks,' and hangs up on her.
Marshall: And after pushing her to call him, a Big Foot is discovered in her husband's mouth.
Lily: I'm glad you're a believer, baby, but I'm never gonna believe in an "enigma of the mystical" unless I see it with my own eyes. Because the truth is, my father never taught me believe in anything but myself.
Marshall: Well, if it helps at all, I believe in you, too.
Lily: Then there's a pretty good chance I don't exist.

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