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Quote from Lily in The Rebound Girl

Lily: Okay, Ted, I'm not gonna ask you where Barney got this baby. But do you have any idea why?
Ted: Well, a few nights ago, we were talking... You know, "We hate girls, we wish we were gay," just guy stuff. And we kind of sort of decided to adopt a baby.
Lily: Yeah, that's crazy.
Ted: I know. Is it, though?
Lily: Yes.
Ted: I know. But is it, though?
Lily: Yes.
Ted: Well, so what if it's crazy? I've been ready to meet someone to start a family with for a long time now,
and I keep not meeting her. Barney is one of my best friends in the world, we rarely fight, and once we iron out the whole pet cobra thing, we will be amazing dads. Why shouldn't we try this?
Lily: When's the last time you fed her?
Ted: She had some root beer on the train.
Lily: Oh, Ted.

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