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Quote from Barney in Hopeless

Barney: How did you do it?
Jerry: Do what?
Barney: How did you become this? I mean, I love my life, but I'm not sure I like loving it. Sure, strip clubs...
Jerry: You're drifting.
Barney: Hey, I'm trying to open up to you.
Jerry: No, Mrs. Perkins, you're drifting! Go on, Barney.
Barney: When I think about going for anything more than that, I look at my life and who I am, and... I'm too far gone. I'm broken.
Jerry: Son, I was far more broken than you'll ever be, and look at me now. Don't get me wrong. Settling down is a challenge. It's the biggest challenge of your life.
Barney: So how do you do it?
Jerry: A magician never reveals his greatest trick. But I'll give you a hint. You gotta meet the right girl. Who knows? Maybe you'll meet her tomorrow.
Barney: Maybe I've met her already.

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