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Quote from Barney in The Exploding Meatball Sub

Barney: Fine! The reason I'm upset about Marshall leaving GNB is... is...
Robin: Hey. [holds Barney's hand]
Barney: ...the meatball sub.
Robin: Huh?
Barney: It all started months ago in the GNB commissary. It was Meatball Sub Day. [v.o.] Oh, how I used to love Meatball Sub Day. And then, the most humiliating moment of my life.
Marshall: Hey, buddy, I think you got a tiny little bit of marinara sauce on your tie there. [chuckles]
Barney: [v.o.] I plotted my revenge for weeks. But nothing seemed right. Then it hit me. The answer was
so elegant and simple. An exploding meatball sub. For months, I experimented. More... marinara sauce. Finally, the sub was perfected. The plan was in place. The snare was baited. And then.. he quit, Robin, he quit! It's Meatball Sub Day today, which is why I wanted Marshall to come over and have lunch. But no. All that work wasted. [quiet sobs] You want to make God laugh, tell him your plans, right?

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