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Quote from Ted in Robots Vs. Wrestlers

Ted: Dude, relax. It's for Marissa Heller.
Barney: Marissa Heller? She sounds hot. Face, boobs, describe. Start with boobs.
Future Ted: [v.o.] Who was Marissa Heller? That mystery began when Marshall and I first moved in together.
[flashback to 10 years earlier:]
Marshall: Ted, we got our first mail delivery! We are popular. We've got a golf magazine for Marissa Heller. We got a wicker furniture catalog, also for Marissa Heller. And a coupon for a bird store addressed to Marissa Heller, or, stay with me, "current occupant." That's us! We've got mail!
Ted: Fantastic! Marissa Heller? She must be the woman who lived here before us. I wonder what she was like.
Future Ted: And just like that, a picture began to take shape. A picture of Marissa Heller, the golfer. Marissa Heller, the wicker catalog shopper. And Marissa Heller, the bird owner.
Ted: And since then, with each piece of mail we've gotten, the picture's become a little clearer. The only thing we don't know is what she looks like.

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