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Quote from Marshall in The Sexless Innkeeper

Ted: Come on, they just got excited. They've been looking for couple best friends forever. Plus, I'm sure they weren't that bad.
Robin: Show him.
Barney: This is a web site Marshall already made about last night. It's called
[on the video, Marshall sings a song while a montage of photographs from the night are displayed:]
Marshall: [singing] It was the best night ever Laughter raining down Like April showers Oh, we talked for hours... best night ever...
Ted: Oh, that's not good.
Marshall: [singing on video] Then we played charades. Lily made some creme brulee, lay-lay-lay-lay And now that we're best couple friends There's only one thing left to say... Are you free? Are you free? Are you free? Are you free? Are you free next Saturday? [speaking] That's the 17th. [singing] Are you free? [speaking] Friday or Sunday would also work. Or basically any other day.
Barney: Needless to say, we've both changed our e-mail addresses.

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