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Quote from Ted in Right Place Right Time

Milt: Charts! Get your charts here!
Ted: Oh, excuse me, Milt? I think those are my charts.
Milt: These charts? On my blanket?
Ted: That's also my blanket. We'll get to that later. But I really need these charts.
Milt: Oh, good, 'cause they're for sale.
Ted: Fine, how much?
Milt: One million dollars.
Ted: I'll give you five bucks.
Milt: A million dollars.
Ted: No one's gonna pay a million dollars for these charts!
Milt: One million dollars.
Ted: Okay, Milt, you win. I'm gonna give you one million dollars.
Milt: Urinating...
Ted: The problem is, the ATM...
Milt: The alien time machine.
Ted: The alien time machine has a withdrawal limit. So, here's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna give you one dollar a day for a million days.
Milt: That's... That's 2700 years. Deal! Sucker.

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