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Quote from Barney in Right Place Right Time

Barney: Petra Petrova. Bro's Life magazine's girl of the year for May. A delicate flower in stiletto pumps and leopard panties, straddling an ATV.
Ted: These magazines are so lame. I mean, she's probably airbrushed and enhanced.
Barney: I have a date with her.
Ted: You are my hero! Are you serious? How do you have a date with her?
Barney: Not part of the story. Ted, I have been waiting a long time to say this. This girl is the one.
Ted: Of course she's the one. You have to marry those. Her.
Barney: Marry? [laughs] No, I have something much, much more special in mind. Petra here, if all goes well, will be my... wait for it, two hundredth. Sorry, I couldn't wait. It's all too exciting.
Ted: Your two hundredth, as in "sex with"?
Barney: As in "sex with." I request the highest of fives.
Ted: Not if I was wearing a HazMat suit. 200 is too many.
Barney: Oh, right, 'cause there can be too many of something wonderful. "Hey, Babe Ruth, easy, big fella. Let's not hit too many homers." "Hey, Steve Guttenberg, maybe just make three Police Academy movies. America's laughed enough."

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